May 24, 2013

A little bit of Motivation goes a long way ♥

Hey fit freaks!

Here are my top 5 'fit' pages that I follow on Instagram, they keep me going, keep me motivated and help me STAY dedicated.



⋆ @daily_motivators

⋆ @7slimmingsecrets

⋆ @eflowers

All of these incredible people/pages post pictures, quotes and more motivational people and pages to follow. They are really helpful for me, I always check my Instagram in the morning when I wake up. 
These pages are ALWAYS posting at that time.

So it's great, when it's cold and raining and horrible, I see these pictures of people training and being fit and think to myself ...


SO go ahead and follow them (and me while your at it :) @loco_liilii_xx) today if you're like me and struggle to get up on these cold, dark, miserable, mornings :)

May 4, 2013

Cheat days!

The curse of the evil cheat day!

For the past couple of days my mind has been racing, raging and messing with me: One of the first signs of a Cheat day going well.

I don't know if it happens with you, but with me it definitely happens, where I think these horrible, measly, but ever so sneaky 3 things;

1. "Oh 1 chocolate won't hurt"
2. "It's the perfect day for an ice cream"
3. "Macdolands is ok If I get the fillet o fish burger"

Well!! These are the things that kill me most! {Yeah yeah I see these photos of Kim kardashian eating an ice cream} Everything in moderation, I get that. But for me, it's that one little thing that starts the big, bad things.

-Before you know it, I won't be going to the gym and I would've gained 10 kilos! Not 6, but 10!

How do you make a cheat day work?

🎀Stay strong!
🎀Stay motivated!
🎀And keep moving! {or something my boyfriend will appreciate} HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!

So weigh in day for me is a Thursday {yes random, why not a Monday, I know} will my cheat day ruin me or will I be happy with the result???

Find out on Thursday :)
Liilii xx

May 3, 2013

Healthy Living!

Hey ladies of leisure!

It's time to get off you behinds, put down the remote, give the dog your Tim tam, get out of those ridiculous pjs and get up!

I've been to the gym now, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks {do you think Kim Kardashian got her ass by going once a week} I felt in the uncomfortable phase where I was just not feeling happy about the way I was. I now go to Anytime Fitness in Lane Cove and ...

I love it!

It's great! You can really go anytime and its doesn't matter whether it be midnight or 4am, literally, ANYTIME fitness!

However the hardest part of becoming the person and size I wanted to be, was the food!
Or lack there of .
Now you most likely don't know me well enough to agree with me yet but please trust me! If your pushing the pavement 20, 30 times a weeks it won't matter if your also pushing those cheezles down your throat.

Less in, more out.

I'm excited to tell you, I've been for 5 weeks and have lost 6 kilos!! :) when I first spoke to the trainer who signed me up, he says "how much do you want to lose" at first I thought, oh 10 will be hard enough and will probably take forever so that's enough.


I've over half way there and I've totally changed to wanting to lose 20!!

The motivation is out there. Get out and join up! Get it under control before you lose yourself 💗

Love Lili x

One Year!


One whole year has gone by since I moved to this city.
Sydney, Australia!
And what a crazy year it has been! Of dreams, of life events and on goings of events in life! I've met an amazing man which I have now been in a relationship with for 9 months!

I've gained and job, left a job and re gained another job :)
I now work in a kids store, kids toy store I should say, Kidstuff.

It's been a whirlwind of emotions his year, good and bad and I intent to make the following year another fabulous one!

Thanks for listening ;)
Keep in touch!

Lili x

November 20, 2012

Candy ♥

Hey Lovelies!!

1 of my favourite things to eat on this planet.. 


I am a huge sweet lover! You're either a sweet lover or a savoury lover and mine by far is sweetness :)

When I'm sick, sad, angry or stressed one thing (other then my bf of course ;))
that will for sure cheer me up is caaaaandy!

What's your favourite candy??

Stay Happy


October 22, 2012

♥ Instagram ♥



I've been an instagram-aholic for almost a year now!!
I'm a sucker for it, I love it!!!

The photo sharing, the stalking, the everything about it. It's free to sign up and all you have to do is download the app for it . . .
which can be done on any apple and android service.

The idea of it is like Twitter.
You "follow" someone and you can "#" any... everything!!

I currently follow; Kim K, Demi Lovato, Shaaanxo, Shell Barbie..
and 90% of my facebook friends

Sign up! Get addicted like me and while your there... click follow :)

Stay Happy..
Love L

October 12, 2012

Big Sisterville.. ♥

Let me tell you one of the greatest gifts I've been given..

When I was little all I can remember asking my Mum, Dad & Santa for christmas, was a brother or a sister. Then the joke went on about it being a funny looking child if Santa gave me a sibling... blah blah blah ... so funny mum. Ofcourse I wanted what any child wanted, a bike, a phone, etc. As I grew older, it got boring to play by myself and all I wanted and wished and dreamed for was a sister or a brother.

Now I have FOUR!
For the past 9 years of my life I've become a big sister to four of the most beautiful children you have ever come to meet.
 Each and every one of them are amazing in their own ways. 

Stella: She's 9 and comes from my mum and her ex husband.
She was the first of the four and I quickly grew to become her second mother. She lives in NZ with mum and I miss her EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Joseph: He's 6 in 2 weeks and the second one to come in the line. He is super precious and is sometimes very sensitive but gorgeous and loving all the same.

Millie: She's next, and she's 3. This little "destructor" is hilarious! With a big "little Miss" attitude already she'll have you in hysterics  when you're down. 

Then lastly... 
And quite gratefully last;

Harry: He is almost 9 months! He has a beautiful smile and as soon as you see it, your whole life will change. He has the power to make anyone happy, by just flashing those two little pearly whites. 

Being a big sister has been the best part of my life! I've had to change some WHOPPER nappies, carry some teary eyed babies, and be the bad cop but with that comes all of the great! The laughs, the smiles, the dances, everything! I have never been more proud to be anything more, then a big sister. 
I love them all more then life itself and I hope I show it enough :)

They couldn't be more perfect...

Do any of you have younger siblings that you love like MAD?!

Happy dreamin'

L x

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